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Have you ever heard of PinaLove? No? Don’t worry here we will explain you everything you need to know about this Philippine dating website. PinaLove is one of the two best dating platforms to find Filipina women. In our review we explain you everything you need to know about the prices, plans and our experiences with PinaLove.

PinaLove Review

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In this PinaLove review we take a closer look at all the functions and show you how the dating website works. In addition, we tell you our experience we have made so far, because personally we have been using the site for several years.

PinaLove overview

Before you can use PinaLove, you have to register first. This happens in just 2 minutes, not more than a few clicks needed. The registration is free but your account will be limited in the basic version. Direct after registration you set your preferences. This helps you to find the kind of women you are looking for. However, it takes less than 5 minutes until you can use PinaLove. Right after the registration process you have full access to the PinaLove database and can see people that are online right now.

Pinalove Members

PinaLove design and usability

What we really like at PinaLove is the fact, that is kept very simple. There are just a few menu items, which are self-explanatory. The search function gives you access to the complete database, a filter can be placed if needed, and immediately after hitting the search button all Philippine singles are listed. The thumbnails on the search results page also showing the age and location. This saves you time and you only need to click on the respective profile if she meets your requirements.

If you like a picture and you want to know more about the woman, just click on the picture. The profile page opens where you can see the profile picture larger and also find more photos, if there are any uploaded.

On the profile page of each woman you find also the integrated chat window. If you want to say hello just just get into a conversation by texting your girl on her profile page. It’s all very simple and self-explanatory.

Pinalove-Chat Profile

PinaLove basic and premium plan

PinaLove is absolutely free in the basic version. There are no annoying ads and the functionality is almost the same as in the premium version. Nevertheless, in our opinion the premium function is inevitable. Most important is the unlimited chat. In the free version of PinaLove the chat limited and so you have to wait a few minutes after sending a message, until you can send the next. This is pretty annoying during a chat with a girl. If you have plenty of time you can try your luck with the free version. But especially if you are on vacation in the Philippines and want to get in touch with many girls quickly, you should definitely upgrade to premium… at least for the duration of your stay.


PinaLove price

The prices for PinaLove Premium vary by duration of your subscription. The longer you subscribe for a plan, the cheaper it gets. The prices are very moderate and if you are serious about looking for a relationship or just some hot dates, you should invest the few bucks, don’t be too cheap…

Pinalove premium price

  • 1 month: $ 24.95
  • 3 months: $ 49.95
  • 6 months: $ 69.95
  • 12 months: $ 99.95
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PinaLove success rate – Our opinion

In our opinion and with our made experiences you have a good chance of success to meet a nice Filipino woman with PinaLove. The selection of girls is good and certainly someone can be found, no matter what you are looking for. We also got there plenty offers for paid sex, which wasn’t that what we are looking for, but this must not mean that it is bad… Beside the working freelancers the most women are looking for a serious relationship or just friends.

Of course there is never any guarantee and it depends on you. If you are a young, friendly and handsome guy it is almost guaranteed to find a girl right away. The older you are, the harder it can be. But this does not necessarily mean, that you have no chances of success. Most important is a nice profile picture set. This way you always arouse attention. Basically, the chances of success at PinaLove are very good – just try it for free!

Girls like these can be easily found on PinaLove…

Is PinaLove reputable and safe?

Now you may wonder if PinaLove is safe or not. In short, yes PinaLove is reputable and safe. At least according to our experience the most girls are real profiles. So far we have only been able to gain good and serious experience. But that does not mean that there isn’t any risk to being scammed. The alarm bells should ring at the latest when the question of money comes, without even meeting in real life before. As soon as you hear any story that the mother is ill, or the house has to be repaired, or the brother is in the hospital, then you should be very careful. These are usually just fictional stories to get some money from you…

Especially if you are looking for a real and serious relationship you should also be aware of the freelancer and hookers on PinaLove. If you are looking for experiences like that, totally fine you will have fun! If you are looking for real love and relationship use your common sense and clarify before your date. This avoids disappointment and frustration.

PinaLove experiences

PinaLove is a free dating site which is simple to use and has good amount of registered profiles. We registered for the first time about 4 years ago and every time we are in the Philippines, we activate the profile again and look around to meet some friendly girls. So far, we have not had any bad experiences. Listening to forums and other websites, our experiences are in line with those of others. Almost no one has really bad experiences. Since it is free, you should try it yourself.

If you are looking for girls in the Philippines, then PinaLove could work really well for you. Just if you are searching Filipinas abroad PinaLove probably is not the best option. So if you’re looking for a Filipino woman outside of the Philippines, then use FilipinoCupid instead. We wrote a full review about this dating website here…

Conclusion: PinaLove review

If you are in the Philippines looking for singles then you are in very good hands with PinaLove. The number of members is very good and it does not matter if you are young or old. Unfortunately, the offer in other countries is very bad. It is therefore only suitable for the Philippines. If you would like to be a bit more flexible and do not just want to find Filipino women in the Philippines, then we recommend testing FilipinoCupid. Also this page is completely free in the basic version and offers much more members living abroad outside of the Philippines…


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