Is FilipinoCupid reputable?


Is FilipinoCupid reputable? This might many people ask themselves if they are looking for girls from the Philippines. This question is absolutely legit, as there are many fake dating sites and scammers playing with people who are searching for love. So that you know what you are singing up, we will tell you in this post everything you need to know about FilipinoCupid and answer the most important question: is FilipinoCupid reputable?

Is FilipinoCupid reputable?

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What does online dating mean? People searching the Internet for potential partners. Not a bad idea in itself, but unfortunately many organized criminals have noticed that too. So it can happen in the worst case, that no Filipina woman is behind the screen on the other side, but an African Dating Scammer somewhere in the desert. For this reason, everyone should ask themselves whether FilipinoCupid is legit or not. We’ll share our experience and our view on the things of this Philippine dating website…

How reputable is FilipinoCupid?

It would be a lie if we would claim that FilipinoCupid is 100% reputable, because that’s not a single dating site on the internet. But before you judge, you should have look at the whole package. And that’s exactly what we do. We explain our experiences and tell you our opinion.

In short, YES, FilipinoCupid is reputable. Not 100%, but we guess 90%. But what does that mean? FilipinoCupid is not a organized crime website, as many other dating sites. Most of the issues are coming down to the fact, that many of the registered Filipinas are not really looking for a relationship, but for fast money. The platform is mainly used locally on the Philippines to find a customer or some relationship with a big spender. So it can happen, that some Filipina women on FilipinoCupid do not want a serious relationship, but sex for some cash. This is also the only reason why in our opinion FilipinoCupid is not 100% serious. Most of these girls are registered in the Philippines, if you are looking for a Filipina outside of the Philippines much more girls don’t have intentions like that and are searching for real love and partnership.

How to meet Philippine Girls in the Philippines

So far we have only had good and serious experiences with FilipinoCupid. But that does not mean, that it must be always like that. Use your common sense and the alarm bells should ring at the latest when the girls are asking for money before you even met them. As soon as you hear any story like the mother is ill, the house has to be repaired, a family member is in the hospital, then you should be very careful. These are usually just fictional stories to persuade you to send money. You should never do that, especially if you never met the girl in real life before.

As already mentioned, we strongly believe that FilipinoCupid is very reputable. Nevertheless, you should always be careful and not act negligently. If you use the platform to meet Filipino women outside of the Philippines, like in the US or Australia, you will probably not have any problems. Most of the girls registered there are hard working and good girls searching for some partnership or friends. It can look different if you are searching in the Philippines. Just be careful and never send any private data, pictures or money to somebody you never met before. But fact is: most of the registered girls in the Philippines are also normal women who are looking for dates, relationships or in worst case for customers for a night.

Conclusion FilipinoCupid: There is hardly any alternative to FilipinoCupid if you want to meet Philippine girls on the internet. Scammers are not really common on FilipinoCupid and so are more than 90% real profiles. The worst thing what can happen to you is that you get in touch with girls who are only looking out for easy money. Just use your common sense and it shouldn’t be too difficult to find good and legit girls on FilipinoCupid.

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